Tim’s Charitable Challenge

Tim’s Charitable Challenge

Those of you who follow us on social media or regularly read our blog will know that we have a passion for our community that goes beyond selling houses. In 2017 we have been working closely with the Friends of Ambler (Ambler Primary School in Islington) by sponsoring their popular Quiz Nights and this spring has seen our first charity event of the year. 

The Ambler Abseil Challenge

One week after the Easter bunny delivered his eggs and with a belly filled with chocolate, The Friends of Ambler and their brave volunteers took part in their latest and highest charity event. Representing Team Anthony Pepe was our own Tim Gray. In addition to being our Sales Manager based in Highbury, Tim has also taken on the role of a superhero as he gives up his spare time to work with local charities in London. In November Tim and some of his team took to the streets to collect your winter coats for the annual campaign Wrap Up London. This time Tim found himself in the sky as he completed the Ambler Abseil Challenge.

Tim tells us a little more behind his latest charitable event, “On Saturday 22nd April I took part in ‘The Ambler Abseil Challenge’ – a 30m abseil down the middle of a tower close to our Highbury office. I have sold a number of properties close to the tower, so often passed it and wondered what it was like inside – however I never thought that I would be jumping through a trap door at the top of it!”

Arranged by The Friends of Ambler Group their goal was to raise funds for their Field of Dreams initiative which will provide sports, activities, clubs and improve playground facilities at their school in Finsbury Park. Anthony Pepe secured a charity grant from Agents Giving and Rightmove to help fund entrance and set up costs for participants; school children, parents, teachers and of course their brave estate agent! The initial sponsorship target was £1750 but together they managed to raise over a whopping £6000!

With a great cause behind the challenge, Tim and the rest of the participants knew they were spurred on keeping this is in mind but the day had come when it was time to look up! “Although I was feeling very relaxed, by the time I had climbed the hundreds of stairs to reach the top of the tower and was staring down a 30m hole my initial bravado was somewhat diminished, to say the least!” Explains Tim. “I volunteered to go first out of my group – purely because I would have been even more nervous having to watch other people do it whilst waiting my turn. I thoroughly enjoyed my descent to the bottom, one which seemed rather quicker than the others following me – either I was doing something right or something wrong! And the adrenaline rush was immense. We stayed to cheer on the remaining participants and applauded their descents – some of which included someone doing it with their eyes closed for the entire abseil, and a young girl who got her hair caught it the ropes but bravely freed herself and carried on as if nothing had happened!”

It had been a great day for everyone who watched, donated and took part, particularly those who were afraid of heights that were pushing their personal comfort zone boundaries to help raise such a significant amount for a local school.

Taking pride in your community is infectious and we can’t wait for our next charity event. If you live or are moving to north London call or pop into your local branch to see how we can help you.

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