Our Culture

The key to our company culture is always striving to improve and avoid complacency, this is what drives us to new, fresh and innovative ideas. Experience has taught us the best ideas are also the most simple.

With this in mind all staff spend several days out of the office at the beginning of the year going back to basics and ensuring the culture and processes within the company are the best they could possibly be. Our aim is to deliver a legendary service to our clients, with all staff empowered to deliver new initiatives that help create a blueprint for the conduct of all employees.

A protocol document has been created which sets the standard for the future of our agency as we continued our rapid growth. We have called this document “Delivering Award Winning Service”. It is now given to all new employees upon their employment with Anthony Pepe and is constantly being updated and improved.
We use the 3 A’s of Excellence as a filter for everything we do:


There are only two ways to approach every challenge we face: with negativity or positivity; ‘can’t do’ or ‘can do’. We choose to face problems and uncertainty with a determination to create a positive outcome for our clients, and for ourselves, no matter what.


We try to remember every day what it feels like to be a customer – whether it is a seller, buyer, or just buying a cup of coffee. We know that in each and every interaction, we have the chance to make a difference to that person – to be important to them, and by being constantly aware, we are able to seek out opportunities to do just that.


For us at Anthony Pepe, being authentic is about having the confidence to be yourself. We don’t want ‘cookie cutter’ employees – we want a company full of different characters; interests and personalities; hopes and dreams; these differences shape our company, and we embrace them.


As Michael Jordan once said “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Our team:

  • Feel valued and part of not only a team, but an extended family.
  • Thrive on the atmosphere; a balance between being a highly charged competitive sales environment whilst retaining the support and encouragement needed to stay happy and motivated.
  • Enjoy the training provided by the best estate agency trainers in the country to help them be the best they can be, and perform at their highest possible levels. They are all given the opportunity to take NAEA exams. Our aim is to have over 90% of our staff technically qualified by the end of 2017