A leap of faith for our local school

If you’re a regular visitor to our social media pages, you might have noticed that some of our brave team members are about to participate in a fundraising challenge to raise money for our local school. With the community never far away from our hearts, we are always looking for ways to support local businesses, charities and schools. Taking place on Saturday 22nd April at the Castle Climbing Centre at Green Lanes, our Sales Manager Tim Grey will be joining the Ambler Abseil Challenge. Reaching heights of over two double decker buses, they will be abseiling an incredible thirty metres; but before they do this they must help raise money to reach the target of £1,750.

Launched in aid of Friends of Ambler, the challenge is one of many social events and fundraising for Ambler Primary School. Located on Blackstock Road in Islington, Ambler Primary School and Children’s Centre is extremely active within our community and hosts many activities for the local children and their families. You may have heard of their movie nights, enjoyed their half term sports camp or taken part in their outdoor nature and gardening projects yourself. Their latest fundraising challenge aims to provide new equipment for the children’s playground to encourage your kid’s to get active! Those of you with children will know that technology is taking over and although we embrace the new advances within our school work, we also know the importance of spending time outside. Inspired by their passion for sport and exercise, paired with poor statistics in their area for children becoming less and less active, the hopes of Ambler are that this new equipment will entice your children out of the classrooms and into the playground.

Ambler promotes DREAMS qualities; Determination, Resilience, Enthusiasm, Ambition, Motivation and Self Belief. In April our volunteers will need to draw upon these traits to take on this exciting and fun challenge. This is what the Friends of Ambler had to say about it all, “We are so pleased to have partnered with a truly local estate agent this year. Their support is phenomenal and such a boost for our PTA that only started a few years ago. It is great that Tim and his colleague are really getting stuck in with the abseil alongside our teachers, pupils and parents.”

Tim was the driving force behind our last charity campaign for Wrap Up London, where he collected over fifty coats for the London-based charity to donate to the homeless. He’s now looking up as he prepares for his abseil and has already started to raise money for our local school. You can find Tim’s page here where all donations will go towards the Ambler Abseil Challenge, but what does he think of his latest charitable event? “You don’t realise you have a fear of heights until you actually stand at the edge of a building or balcony and look down!….When a local school asked me to help them to raise funds for sporting activities and equipment I was more than happy to assist, not realising they wanted me to join in their 30m abseil. The abseil will be from a tower in a building known as The Castle, a local landmark in the area. I’m excited to raise money for such a worthy cause, demonstrate to the local children how exciting exercise can be and also face my fears, but as I stand on the edge and go over I will be praying that my harness has been put on correctly.”

To support the Ambler Primary School and Children’s Centre you can donate via their MyDonate fundraising page.

If you represent a local charity, school or organisation that might benefit from our support, please do not hesitate to contact Charlie Perdios or Ari Theodorou for more details of how we may be able to help you.

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