Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

With offices based along the busy Green Lanes road and our new branch opening in Highbury, we always aim to get to know our neighbours and we’re encouraging you to do the same. The summer is the perfect time to reach out and say hi to your neighbours or maybe even invite them over for a barbecue or a cuppa and a slice of cake.

There are many benefits to having a friendly relationship with the people next door no matter who they may be. We are proud to have good neighbours and whether it’s popping to the shop, picking up a prescription or buying tonight’s tea, our neighbours are actually an extension of yours so we’d like to introduce you to a few.

Even though our High Streets may be being filling up with larger supermarket chains we feel that we should all support our local businesses including your newsagent. News and Mags, which is situated near to one of our branches along Green Lanes, has your morning paper or that pint of milk that you forgot to pick up.  The newsagent can often be the fountain of all knowledge for the local area, they are really worth getting to know.

News and Mags

Another of our neighbours are Greenwoods Pharmacy who go beyond just being a standard pharmacy as their friendly, helpful team also speak over 12 languages. Picking up a prescription during your lunch might just turn in to a shopping experience filled with travel essentials, cosmetics, appliances, and signing up for their other complimentary healthcare services!

Greenwoods Pharmacy

We shouldn’t really share all of our secrets with you but you must “meat” our local butcher Andreas and his family. Baldwins Butchers boasts the finest quality meats and mouth-watering recipes which are now available by courier service, so if you have just moved out of our area or are unable to get down to Green Lanes you can still have your tasty treats delivered to your door.

Baldwins Butchers

Now that you have met some of our neighbours we hope that they become your “go to” places as you join us in shopping local.  But now it’s time to look closer to home, do you even know your neighbours names? We recently heard a story from a vendor (Vicky) who lived next to a couple for 10 years who thought her name was Sarah when her name was actually Vicky. She received Christmas cards with, “To Sarah” and they even called her “Sarah” to her face when chatting on the door step, but it had gone on for so long that Vicky felt it too awkward to tell them the truth! Although we did have a little laugh at Vicky’s story it just emphasises the importance of getting to know your neighbours.

When it comes to selling your property there are many benefits of having a good relationship with your neighbours. Did you know that your neighbour’s house and garden’s appearance, neat exterior and friendly acknowledgments between each other can all improve the value of your home?

As a potential buyer walks towards your property they will be judging your neighbourhood and even your neighbour’s house. It’s important that their garden and front exterior are kept as tidy and neat as possible. If you speak regularly with your neighbour you may be able to kindly offer to “tidy up” their garden while you’re doing your own or maybe offer them the remainder of your paint as you finish off giving your front door a quick update. These small polite suggestions will avoid awkward conversations whilst improving the value of your home. A recent survey by findaproperty.com found that out of the 2,000 people asked 40% said that they would be willing to pay more for a house if it came with quiet trustworthy neighbours. We appreciate that it would be hard for you to prove to a potential buyer that your neighbours really are “nice”, but they can witness this for themselves as they see a friendly exchange over the garden fence or along the driveway between you, or one of our agents, and your neighbour as they look around your home.

Whether you are planning on selling your home now or in the future, spend some time this summer to introduce yourself to your neighbours. The benefits aren’t just to improve your house price it might just improve how you enjoy living in your community too. Open up your neighbourhood to also include your local shop owners who are waiting to get to know you. Next time you are walking along Green Lanes pop in to one of our branches and be a part of our extended neighbourhood friends.

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